So here’s the quick version …

Colin Conway served in the U.S. Army for four years and later was an officer of the Spokane Police Department for five years. He writes crime fiction novels, short stories, and anything else that might prove interesting. 

He lives in Eastern Washington with his beautiful life partner, Carla, their three wonderful children, and a crazy, codependent Vizsla that rules their world.

Boom, done.

However, if you’ve stopped by the website, and you’ve clicked the “About” button, then you probably want to know a little more than the short author bio you can find in the back of my books.

So let’s expound on some things.

I was born a Cleveland Browns fan.

I blame my father for this life of misery. 

Oh, I’m sure he thought he was giving me the gift of cheering a great team to forever glory.  You see, he grew up in mid-western Ohio on the wonder years of the 1950s-1960s Browns.  Heck, the greatest running back who ever played the game (Jim Brown) busted through the lines from 1957-1965.  Who wouldn’t be a lifelong fan after that? The Browns won so much back then they were like the Patriots of today.  Just ridiculous. 

My childhood memories of the Browns are filled with Red-Right 88, The Drive, and The Fumble.

Then the Browns were ripped away from us by the evil Art Modell only to return three years later as a husk of their former selves.  What’s worse is that the Baltimore Ravens (aka the once great Browns) have won the Super Bowl twice.  We Browns fans are still waiting for a trip to the Super Bowl.

I’ve tried to break my love affair with the Browns for many years.  However, just like the detective in any film noir movie who runs across a femme fatale, we believe that if we give them just one more chance, they’ll make good.  They never do and we never learn. 

Maybe this year.

That’s me on the right. We were trying on some chemical gear. Not sure if you can see it, but my mustache was a killer back then.

That’s me on the right. We were trying on some chemical gear. Not sure if you can see it, but my mustache was a killer back then.

While I was in the army, I spent a couple years in West Germany.  Notice that I said ‘West’ Germany.  I was there during the Cold War and happened to be there when the Berlin Wall fell.  I wasn’t in Berlin.  No, I was in a small town outside Frankfurt.  That didn’t stop us from seeing lines of Trabants fleeing East Germany along the Autobahn.  That was a cool sight.

When the Gulf War happened, half my unit went to the desert while the other half stayed in country to fulfill the mission we had with NATO.  Those who were selected to go were picked by the last digit of our social security number.  Yup.  That’s exactly how it happened.  That’s also how you know you’ve made it as man.  You’re reduced to a number between 0-9. 

I stayed in Germany, did my normal job, pulled guard duty shifts with an empty M16, and hoped the friends who went would return home safe (they did).

 After four years in college (fast forwarding for time and internet space), I spent five years as a member of the Spokane Police Department.  Three of that was as a patrol officer.  Two of that was working a liaison position known as Special Police Problems – the silliest name ever created for a government position.  Although that could compete with the Office of Professional Standards (OoPS) which was what Internal Affairs was known as for a time.  Really.  No joke.

It was a great job that quickly soured after I got involved with the department politics.  Long story which will require a beer and vow of secrecy.

While on the department I had the opportunity to meet some great people, help a lot of people, see some horrible things, participate in some heroic moments, and realize that it just wasn’t I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I’ve been involved with a variety of aspects related to commercial real estate. I’ve been a property manager, a broker, an investor, and a developer.  It’s something I believe I will participate in until my final days.  While being a police officer was the best job I ever had, real estate is the best gig. I enjoy it every day.  It’s the single thing I can point to that financially turned my life around.  I wanted to start investing in commercial real estate, but my finances were in the toilet.  It took the desire to buy real estate for me to begin saving and to pay off debt.  If you ever want to talk real estate, just let me know.  Besides writing, it’s my favorite subject.

 And now, we’re to writing.  More to come…