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"Your biggest problem is obscurity - other people don't know you and aren’t thinking about you.” – Grand Cardone / The 10X Rule

I write crime fiction.  You’ve probably never heard of me.  That’s okay, I’ve done a shitty job of promoting myself and my work.

It’s ironic because I’ve made a career selling real estate.  Everyday I sell myself, my skills and, subsequently, someone else’s real estate.  People call me up and refer me because they trust me and know I’m an expert in my field.  I will sell the hell out of myself in the real estate arena.

When it comes to my writing, though, I’m hesitant to talk about it.  Worse than that, I’m even embarrassed when people I work with find out I’m a writer.

I’ve watched my friend, Frank Zafiro, sell the hell out of himself and his books.  He retired immediately upon qualifying so that he could chase his dream of being a full-time author.  Frank loves to tell people about his stories and characters.

The goal for my future is to be more like Frank (and so many other writers).  I want to share my stories, talk about my characters and sell my books.  I’m launching this website, setting up a Facebook Page, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I’ll be back with more soon.  Hang in there.  I’ve been waiting a long time to share this stuff.

Colin Conway