These are some super nice folks that I’ve met along the way in my writing career. If you’re not reading one of my stories, give their books a try!

Frank Zafiro

Of course, I’ve got to lead off with this guy. He’s my writing partner and a helluva friend. He’s got a solid backlog of stories in his River City series which is a fictionalized version of Spokane. He’s also well-known for his collaborations such as the ones we did together - Charlie-316 and Some Degree of Murder.

Deborah Coonts

The author of the Lucky O’Toole Series. She’s a fantastic woman and the person most responsible for giving me some life-altering advice regarding writing and marketing. I can’t thank her enough for the kindness she showed me. Her Lucky O’Toole novels are fantastic fun. You can download the first one free at her webiste!

James Ziskin

The author of the Ellie Stone mysteries. Known as the mayor at the Left Coast Crime conference, this gentlemen was the guy who made me feel most welcome as a first time attendee.

Robin Burcell

Along with multiple series of her own, Robin alsoco-authors the Sam and Remi Fargo adventures with Clive Cussler. A former police officer and a really neat person.