A Grifter’s Song

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A Grifter’s Song is a novella anthology series created and edited by Frank Zafiro and published by Down and Out Books.

The series features a pair of grifters, Sam and Rachel, who are lifelong grifters in their late thirties. Their past is as shadowy as their present, but we know that they pulled a major long con on the mafia in Philadelphia, and now they are on the run. While one or the other may speak longingly of that quiet life in a beach house somewhere at the end of the rainbow, we all know that the likelihood is that they will never leave this life, unless it is in a box. They are who they are, and so they continue to find and exploit marks, trying to stay one step ahead of the mobsters bent on vengeance.

Each episode is a standalone story but is also part of the meta tale that evolves over the twelve separate novellas. The first and last of these twelve are written by Frank Zafiro, with ten other authors contributing to the series.

Season one (2019) authors included Frank Zafiro, JD Rhoades, Lawrence Kelter, Gary Phillips, Colin Conway, and Jim Wilsky.

Season two (2020) authors will include Eric Beetner, Holly West, Eryk Pruitt, Asa Maria Bradley, Scott Eubanks and Frank Zafiro’s finale, Down Comes the Night.

The novellas take place all over the United States, and each story features a different con that Sam and Rachel work in their attempt to make enough money to stay one step ahead of the mobsters who want to kill them.