Tales from the Road - Go on tour 05/1/2018

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The bar circuit in the late 70’s and early 80’s was something special.

Before the birth of MTV and the internet made music readily accessible and boringly safe, bands rolled into big cities and small towns across America to ply their trade. These musicians lived a fantasy many have only dreamed.

Behind a drum kit, Bill Bancroft experienced the whole mind-altering trip. Sex and drugs were on steady supply everywhere they went. The acid trips, cocaine busts and psycho groupies are only a part of his story, though.

He narrowly escaped a shotgun blast from a jealous husband who later murdered his wife. A drunken behemoth pressed a gun to his forehead at a party gone bad. He fought in bar room brawls that didn’t go his way and won a few that did. He survived a fire that completely burned down the bar his band was performing in.

His bands opened for national acts such Hoyt Axton, The Forrester Sisters and Robert Cray. He backed up the legendary Bo Diddley and went on tour with Freddy Fender.

He partied with Heart and drank beers with the guys from AC/DC. He even played a round of roadside golf in Texas with Willie Nelson.

This was a story of sex, drums and rock & roll.

Until a girl walked into Bill’s life and changed everything.

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